Finishing:       When the glaze kilns cool, the pottery is removed from the kilns and undergoes a battery of finish processing steps: the crackle glaze is highlighted; the marks left by the stilting are sanded smooth; felts are applied to appropriate pieces; magnets, frame backings and pump assemblies are glued in place; clocks and lamps are assembled. At the end of the finishing process the pottery is exposed to yet another quality control  inspection to isolate "First Quality" pottery from the flawed "Second Quality" ware.
     First Quality ware is placed in inventory to await shipment as part of scheduled orders.  Ware judged to be of Second Quality is, most  often, the result of cracks, chips, painting and/or glazing errors, warping, etc. We are very rigorous with our quality control standards. Customers visiting our Factory Outlet Store frequently have trouble finding the flaw(s) which rendered a given item Second Quality. Items deemed to be of Second Quality are transferred to our Factory Outlet Store for sale to visiting customers and telephone customers looking for pottery at a genuine savings over standard retail pricing. 
    Our Outlet Store:    The Potting Shed Outlet Store is set up to merchandise both our FIRST QUALITY and our SECOND QUALITY products. Inventories of both fluctuate daily with the influx of items from the pottery and products purchased by our customers. First Quality items are, unless otherwise offered, marked at our suggested retail pricing. Second Quality ware is automatically reduced by at least 30% off of the suggested retail pricing. Second Quality items are frequently subject to further price reductions as we attempt to control our inventory levels.
The Potting Shed's Production Process