The Potting Shed's Preferred Customer Club
          In our thirty-nine (39) years of business, The Potting Shed has garnered a very loyal,
    if not fanatical, following. In an effort to show our gratitude for the positive support
    and ongoing patronage, we offer a Preferred Customer Club that saves members at least
   20% off of  any purchase of merchandise that has not already been additionally discounted.
          For those who look to The Potting Shed for gifts of dependable quality - whether it be for
    holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, thoughtful thank-you presents, graduation gifts,
     team and/or club awards/trophies, retirement presents or self-indulgences for a personal
     collection - The Potting Shed's Preferred Customer Club is the most economical option.
If interested in becoming a Potting Shed Preferred Customer Club Member, click on the "JOIN" button below, print it out and complete the membership form. One year memberships are $35.00 and a five year membership is $150.00. Once completed, mail the form to The Potting Shed PO Box #3557 Saxonville, MA 01705 or you can fax it to (508)-861-0266 or, finally, you can scan it and e-mail it to:THEOLDGRAYHARE@HARELOOMS.COM.
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