Rabbits are the most recognized pattern associated with the Dedham Pottery. However,"Different strokes for different folks...." has never been better personified than in the miriad of other patterns that they did in the course of their near 50 year history. The varied interests, passions and/or avocations of their customers are wonderfully portrayed in more than 50 non-bunny patterns that represent a largely undiscovered treasure of the Dedham Pottery.
          Like the Dedham Pottery, The Potting Shed has delighted in the opportunity to render non-bunny products! As you will see in the following pages, we have reproduced many of the Dedham Potters' original patterns. In addition, we have added a number of our own patterns to satisfy the whims and needs of our own, twenty-first century customers. 
          All of the patterns pictured on the following pages are produced only on a special order basis. While we occasionally have a selection of the special patterns avaialbale in first and/or second quality, we ususally produce these special patterns only in response to specific customer orders.  If you see a pattern that you would like to order on a piece(s) of your choosing, please contact our sales associates at (978) 369-1382 to discuss your order.
          If, after perusing the pictured patterns, you have a particular passion that you do not see represented, don't be disgruntled! If you would like to have that passion artistically rendered on one, or more, of our items, contact our sales associates at (978) 369-1382 so that we can discuss the potential of "bringing your pattern to life."
       We are well trained in the rabbit pattern and can produce "bunny-ware" efficiently. Non-rabbit patterns, particularly those that we may be doing for the first time, are less frequently painted and, therefore, take us considerably longer to paint. For that reason, pieces adorned with most any of the special patterns  are more expensive than thier rabbit decorated counterparts. For pricing and avaialbility, please contact our sales department.
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