Ketches & Clouds
(All Blue)
"Summersational" Patterns
          We have selected the following patterns as suggestions for enhancing your summer experience. Whether your joy is found in the garden, sailing the high seas, sampling a fine vintage and/or savoring a fresh steamed lobster, we have patterns that can be adapted to accessory items and, particularly, to your tabletop and entertaining pieces.
          The famous Dedham Rabbit is the pattern that we produce most frequently. These more specific patterns are produced on a much more seasonal basis. As a result, the patterns are not as familiar to our artists and take them longer paint. For that reason, most of them have pricing that reflects the additional time required to decorate items with the respective pattern(s).
          If interested in enhancing your summer decorating and/or entertaining with a seasonally appropriate flavor, please contact one of our well-versed Sales Associates at (978) 369-1382 for assistance
Have a great Summer!          
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